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Excerpt from our Wall Street Breakfast, a one-page summary of this morning's key market-moving and stock-moving stories:

Mattel Third-Quarter Profit Rises on Barbie Sales [Bloomberg]

Summary: Pre-holiday season sales of Barbie and TMX Elmo were responsible for a 6.1% gain in Mattel's (NASDAQ:MAT) 3rd quarter profit. The parent company of Fischer-Price faced stiff competition this summer from "Cars" and "Superman Returns" products in addition to higher raw material costs and difficulty in the retail sector. TMX Elmo was unvielded in September to launch holiday sales early and is Fischer-Price's top item. Barbie sales were up 1% for the third consecutive quarter of gains bolstered by the 12 Dancing Princesses line. Mattel reports that the third quarter saw the first rise in gross margins in two years.
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Potentially impacted stocks and ETFs: Mattel (MAT), Hasbro (NASDAQ:HAS), Marvel Entertainment (MVL)

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Source: A Pre-Holiday Comeback for Elmo and Mattel