Time To Go Long Electricity

 |  Includes: AEP, DUK, IDU, XLU
by: Paul Kedrosky

There is a thought-provoking new data-rich report out from the North American Electric Reliability Council. It looks at the reliability and adequacy of the North American grid, and the results are eye-opening, with grid capacity margins declining precipitously over the next decade:

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erc cap

Some other highlights:

* Electric capacity margins will decline over the 2006–2015 period in most regions.
* The projected decline in margins reflects a short-term resource acquisition strategy that has been the norm for most of the past ten years.
* Electric utilities forecast demand to increase over the next ten years by 19 percent (141,000 MW) in the United States and 13 percent (9,500 MW) in Canada, but project committed resources to increase by only 6 percent (57,000 MW) in the U.S. and by 9 percent (9,000 MW) in Canada.

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