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The Stalwart submits: Did anyone realize that Amazon (NSDQ:AMZN) pitched its new web services within the virtual gaming world of Second Life?

On Tuesday, October 10, Jeff Barr (Jeff Batra in Second Life), Web Services Evangelist at, will discuss the full line of Amazon’s web services from a technical and business perspective at 5 pm sl. The presentation will include a review of developer activity within Second Life and there will be ample time for discussion and Q&A. Open air auditorium, Info island, 141, 81, 33This author is contemplating becoming the first virtual hedge fund manager within Second Life.

This innovative advertising comes in addition to the company's Web Services Blog which uses a hired product evangelist. At the site, we noted some exercised subtlety in that the blog is hosted on Typepad, rather than The company seems to be implementing a grassroots internet strategy as implied by their following post.

Nowadays, Anything and everything that has a high "coolness-factor" gets immediate attention from the crowd. This is indeed leveling the playing field. With services like Amazon S3 and Amazon EC2, I believe there will be no difference between the student in the dorm room and the executive in the board room. The one with the best idea or coolest idea will win the game. And the one who gets there fast will be rich ;-)

To learn more, feel free to check out our previous post regarding Amazon's move into web services or go straight to their site for a more standardized sales pitch.

Build innovative applications
Since 2002, developers have used Amazon Web Services to build innovative applications from Associate web sites and e-commerce tools to consumer applications. Amazon Web Services provides a flexible set of foundational services you can use to build creative applications, while shortening your development time.

Make money
Use Amazon Web Services to offer powerful capabilities to your customers. Build businesses around entirely new classes of applications, or cater to Amazon's large e-commerce community, and turn your ideas into revenue-generating solutions.

As we've said before when referring to a viral-style video from IBM (NYSE:IBM), we see innovative web-based marketing strategies as cheap ways to potentially hit marketing home runs. It will be interesting to see how the Amazon's web services develop and heck who knows we could end up being a customer one day.

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