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Editor's notes: South American analyst Caiman Valores has identified an over-discounted Argentinian producer in APCO. The company's solid operations and prospects more than offset its domicile risk.

Since earning the wrath of investors by expropriating YPF (YPF) from its Spanish parent Repsol (OTCQX:REPYY), Argentina's government has worked hard to attract investment in the country's energy sector. This has seen a range of measures introduced aimed at attracting foreign energy companies to invest in Argentina. These measures include concessions on import duties for particular equipment, tax relief and the introduction of a more favorable crude and natural gas pricing model.

During my last review of the sector one company that has caught my attention is APCO Oil and Gas Corporation (APAGF). The company is focused on the exploration and production of oil and gas principally in Argentina with some...

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