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Editor's notes: DEL's recent business expansions offers multiple opportunities for profit growth going forward. Diversified operations are under-appreciated by the market and 35% upside is possible.

Deltic Timber Corporation (DEL) is a natural resources company focused on the ownership and management of timberland. The company currently operates in three segments; Woodlands, Manufacturing and Real Estate. The Woodlands segment harvests pine and hardwood pulpwood for sale for use in paper products and also provides timberland management services in addition to land leases for oil and gas drilling as well as hunting. This segment owns approximately 460,000 acres of timberland in Arkansas and northern Louisiana. The manufacturing segment operates two sawmills which provide various lumber products such as dimension lumber, boards and timbers to wholesale distributors, retailers and other business that provide residential construction materials. The manufacturing segment also produces byproducts such as wood chips, shavings,...

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