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According to the latest report by IBM covering online retail sales trends on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday from approximately 800 U.S. retail websites, Apple's (AAPL) iOS is the most valuable platform for the U.S. e-commerce industry.

The report showed that overall, online sales grew by over 19% (year on year) with average order value of about $135, up 2.2%.

Online sales (mobile)

Mobile shopping:

  • Mobile traffic:

Mobile is increasingly becoming a preferred medium for shopping particularly on the days like Black Friday, when the long queues are expected outside the stores. According to the report mobile traffic grew by about 34% (year on year) to reach 39.7% of all online traffic, means nearly four out of ten online visits originate from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Smartphones contributed 24.9% and tablets accounted for 14.2% of the total mobile traffic.

Mobile Traffic100%39.7%24.9%14.2%
  • Mobile sales:

Mobile sales even showed more encouraging trend as it reached 21.8% of total online sales, an increase of 43% from same period last year. Tablet contributed 14.4% and smartphones contributed 7.2% of the mobile sales.

Mobile Sales100%21.8%7.2%14.4%


Smartphone traffic primarily originated from the two platforms: Apple's iOS, and Google's (GOOG) Android.

  • Traffic:

Out of the total of 39.7% of the mobile traffic, iOS was responsible for about 28.2% as compared to 11.4% for Android. That means iOS bought 145% more traffic to the websites as compared to Android.





iOS vs Android







  • Sales:

Sales data showed that iOS was the mobile platform behind the 18.1% of the mobile sales as compared to just 3.5% for Android. That means iOS bought whopping 400% more business to e-commerce industry as compared to Android.





iOS vs Android







  • Order size:

The size-order also favoured the iOS platform as iOS users spent about $128 per order as compared to about $105 per order by Android users.

Smartphone handset market share and Mobile operating system ("MOS") market share:

The latest report from ComScore showed that Apple is the largest smartphone vendor in the U.S. with over 40% market share followed by Samsung (OTC:SSNLF) with about 25% market share (see the table below).

Same report from ComScore (SCOR) also showed that despite the fact that Apple is the largest smartphone vendor in the U.S. market, its MOS iOS is not the top MOS in the market. Android is the top MOS in the market as it is used by multiple vendors (see the table below).


The data from IBM's report once again showed that Apple's iOS is the most valuable platform for the e-commerce industry in the U.S. market. Google's Android may well be the most popular MOS in the U.S. but its acceptance among the e-commerce customers is very low as compared to iOS. Android still have to do a lot of work if it wants to challenge iOS dominance.

This survey also showed that the most of the e-commerce customers belong to the high-end of the smartphone segment. Apple is the undisputed king of the high-end of the smartphone market and despite all attempt no other company has been able to challenge its dominance.

Apple is finding it hard to establish itself in the price-conscious markets as it's losing its share in the overall global smartphone market. The company is losing its market-share due to its strategy that keeps it away from the lower-end of the smartphone market, which is the fastest growing segment of the smartphone market. But IBM's report showed that Apple's fundamental markets, strengths, and brand image is very much intact and the company is strengthening its position in some of the most important markets like the U.S. where Apple is still the most preferred brand among tech-savvy users and its magic is intact among them.

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Source: Apple iOS: Still The Most Valuable E-Commerce Platform