Reuters Warns Customers: Install Internet Explorer 7.0 At Your Peril

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Reuters (RTRSY) e-mailed on Tuesday a rather alarming sounding message to users of its desktop software products, advising them not to install Microsoft’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) Internet Explorer 7.0 browser software. The notice said that there are “many issues that surround the support of this new release with your Reuters desktop solutions.” And they had a warning to offer:

Reuters will not support Internet Explorer 7.0 for any Reuters product deployed on the desktop for the foreseeable future

Reuters desktop products will not function with Internet Explorer 7.0

This is not a Reuters unique issue. Throughout the software industry, support for this release is a major issue.

The Reuters Support Center [RSC] cannot assist any client with removing Internet Explorer 7.0 or downgrading from Internet Explorer 7.0 to 6.0.


The message then advises how to “protect yourselves from downtime.”

  1. Disable Automatic Update from Microsoft to stop the upgrade of Internet Explorer.
  2. Inform your IT staff of this issue and that your desktop Reuters applications cannot function with Internet Explorer 7.0

The notice also includes a pointer to the Internet Explorer 7 Blocker Toolkit to enable administrators to disable automatic delivery of the new version of IE.

And the message went to close with another warning.

This is a very critical issue for each Reuters client to be aware of. To prevent any downtime or loss in productivity, the deployment of IE 7.0 must not occur on any desktop that has Reuters services installed.

Reuters is a strategic partner with Microsoft and is committed to support Internet Explorer 7.0 but certification will take time and considerable effort on both organizations part. Support for IE 7.0 is not an “if” but a “when”.

But to prevent loss of service, do not upgrade to IE 7.0 until notified by Reuters.

A shorter version of the Reuters statement, with similar sentiments, is on their Web site.

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