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Every so often, MagicDiligence compiles a list of Magic Formula stocks sorted by their forward dividend yield, price-to-sales ratio, and price-to-book ratio for investors that like to use those metrics. The result is a list of attractive value stocks for additional research. Here are the top 10 in each of the three metrics listed above:

Forward Indicated Dividend Yield

TickerCompanyDiv Yield
PDLIPDL BioPharma Inc15.00%
VGRVector Group Ltd11.30%
CHKECherokee Inc9.30%
UNTDUnited Online Inc6.40%
DLXDeluxe Corp5.70%
LOLorillard Inc5.30%
RGRSturm Ruger & Co Inc.3.40%
RTNRaytheon Co.2.30%
EXBDCorporate Executive Board Company (The)2.00%
FIXComfort Systems USA Inc.1.70%

Price-to-Sales Ratio

TickerCompanyP/S Ratio
EMEEMCOR Group Inc.0.26
JTXJackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc0.26
UISUnisys Corp0.32
GMEGameStop Corp.0.35
FLRFluor Corp.0.35
FIXComfort Systems USA Inc.0.36
CBIChicago Bridge & Iron Co. NV0.41
PRIMPrimoris Services Corp0.51
UNTDUnited Online Inc0.53
FWLTFoster Wheeler AG0.63

Price-to-Book Ratio

TickerCompanyP/B Ratio
JTXJackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc0.31
MGICMagic Software Enterprises Ltd0.80
PVSWPervasive Software Inc1.11
GMEGameStop Corp.1.21
UNTDUnited Online Inc1.27
EMEEMCOR Group Inc.1.29
KHDKHD Humboldt Wedag International Ltd1.40
VSNTVersant Corp1.41
FIXComfort Systems USA Inc.1.44
USMOUSA Mobility Inc1.54
CNUContinucare Corp2.03