Google Publishing: Can't Live Without It?

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Google is re-branding both its DART for Publishers and Google Ad Manager products–and it’s all because of some surfing web site that can’t get a grip on its online advertising!


Well, actually Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) just uses a surfing site as an example of just how complicated it can be for publishers to manage their ads without the help of Google. Apparently, we’re all doomed unless we switch to Google’s sophisticated ad platform, so both of its popular programs are getting a makeover–because nothing makes you switch ad platforms like a shiny new logo. Right?

So, DART for Publishers now becomes…

And Google Ad Manager becomes…

Both flavors of the new DFP (DoubleClick for Publishers) get some nifty enhancements, including:

  • A new interface that has been completely redesigned to save time and reduce errors.

  • Far more detailed reporting and forecasting data to help publishers understand where their revenue is coming from and what ads are most valuable.

  • Sophisticated algorithms that automatically improve ad performance and delivery.

  • A new, open, public API which enables publishers to build and integrate their own apps with DFP, or integrate apps created for DFP by a growing third-party developer community (apps under development today include sales, order management and workflow tools).

  • Integration with the new DoubleClick Ad Exchange’s "dynamic allocation" feature, which maximizes revenue by enabling publishers to open up their ad space to bids from multiple ad networks. Dynamic allocation is described in this document.

All of which looks a little something like this: (Click to enlarge)

Click to enlarge

The Small Business solution is free and is aimed at those that don’t yet know they need to pay for something like this, while larger publishers will have to break out their corporate check book to use the system.

Now, all we need is a new theme song to go along with the new logos. I’ve got one!

"Who’s down with DFP, yeah you know me!"