Celsius Holdings: Despite Volatility, I'm in for the Long Term

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When I last posted about Celsius Holdings (OTCQX:CELH), the company was still trading under the ticker CSUH.OB on the OTCBB market, and investors were anticipating some dramatic price action after the implementation of an expected secondary offering that was to take place in conjunction with a move to the NasdaqCM.

Today, Celsius Holdings trades on the NasdaqCM for roughly $3.50/share - not as much as the drastic price drop as many were expecting, but there was also no news released to cause a spike in price, as many others would have liked to have seen.

It's also become known that the hedge fund Pentwater Capital is now in possession of at least 800,000 shares of the CELH stock, according to a recent SEC filing, and this, in my opinion, is a telling sign.

For the past few months the Celsius stock and the small Celsius shareholders have been the victims of an incessant barrage of 'bashing attacks' - to the point where some have dedicated thousands of hours of their lives to ensure that no piece of news released by the company would be perceived positively by anyone, let alone the small investor. Common sense would indicate that only those with a whole lot of money at stake (one way or the other) would dedicate so much of their time to one particular stock; if you've got nothing vested, there's no reason to bash.

It's also my opinion that there's some big money out there that is quite disappointed that the CELH stock did not sink any further - despite all the efforts by the 'get bash crew' - than it did after the secondary; therefor, it's quite possible that the onslaught on the company will continue until either the stock price reaches their 'buy point' or it becomes time to run the stock.

With Pentwater in control of so many shares, these guys can play the low-volume CELH stock like Tiger plays Perkins waitresses, so be prepared for some volatility - in my opinion - both up and down.

All said and done, the future of the company still lies in the consumer buying the product, it's as simple as that. If the Celsius product doesn't catch on like many of us have predicted, then the company won't make it; but if the product does catch on as the global trend shifts towards healthier foods and beverages, then we can still be sitting on a future gold mine.

While I expect some short term volatility with this stock, I'm still in for the long term, and don't be surprised if the 'get bash crew' works a little overtime for the short term - if that's possible.

As always, these are just my opinions and each investor should conduct his or her own DD and come to his or her own conclusions based on that DD.

Disclosure: VFC is long CELH.

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