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Editor's notes: Selling pressure has driven NCQ shares down, but the long-term value hasn't changed. Hedge fund Kingsley Park Capital pounds the table, saying the miner could still achieve triple-digit returns.

We've been following NovaCopper (NCQ) for almost a year now, since well before our April 16th article. While the stock has sold off irrationally, intrinsic value is now at an all-time high. This is a uniquely attractive opportunity to buy the stock cheaply.

Over the last week, NovaCopper shares have fallen from $2.00 due to 1) an index ETF selling millions of shares 2) a misguided negative article 3) tax loss selling by outside investors. Together these events sent the stock down a whopping 30%.

This brought shares to an all-time low, yet NovaCopper is more valuable than ever before. The company's copper reserves continue to grow as drilling results have been strong and the...

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