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Editor's notes: The milestones for GCVRZ to return $1 or $2 are more attainable than the market thinks. International sales could mean nearly 200% returns in coming years, regardless of FDA approval.

Every year since 2009, we publish one or two of our favorite long investment ideas for the coming year. Pa st ideas included PFN, TBT, LORL, OSHC (twice), LAB (since acquired at a premium) and GPT with an average return of 60%. In 2014, our best long idea is an investment in Sanofi (SNY)'s contingent value right (GCVRZ) for the multiple sclerosis drug called Lemtrada.

MS killing neurons

GCVRZ costs less than 70 cents per right today and will ultimately pay out between $0.00 and $13.00, depending on whether or not the FDA clears Lemtrada ($1) and whether the drug hits various sales milestones (up to an additional $12). Lemtrada is already approved in 31 countries...

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