Rosenberg Joins Chorus for High Yield Bonds

| About: iShares iBoxx (HYG)

A previous post noted that fixed-income strategist Hank Cunningham was advising clients to go into high-yield bonds. Last week, Gluskin Sheff economist and strategist David Rosenberg joined the chorus.

He observed that the average 9% paid out by high-yield bonds was 415 basis points higher than the average for U.S. investment-grade bonds. When the economy is not in recession, the spread is typically in the range of 200 to 400 basis points.

The yield on investment-grade bonds is back to where it was in November, 2004. In that period, high-yield bonds averaged 7%, nearly 200 basis points lower than current readings.

For Canadian investors, Cunningham recommends the iShares U.S. High Yield Bond Index Fund (XHY). U.S and long-term Canadian investors can buy iShares iBoxx $ High Yield Corporate Bond Fund (NYSEARCA:HYG).

Disclosure: The author holds a position in one of the ETFs mentioned in this article.