Despite Fatigue, Social Media Advertisers Stick With It

by: Andy Beal

Apparently marketers have forgotten their own mantra.

Just when you become sick of an ad campaign, is exactly when the message is just starting to stick with your target audience.

You see, 51.4% of those polled by the Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG) say they are tired of hearing the buzz words social media, Twitter, and social networking.

Yet, despite that nauseous feeling, 72% of them plan to invest in social media in 2010:

And, what are they hoping to achieve out of their social media–and other marketing–efforts?

Customer satisfaction? Like it or lump it!

Customer retention? Take a hike!

SEO? Optimize this!

Nope, at the top of marketers 2010 wish list is…drum roll please…marketing ROI!

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Ah yes, marketing ROI, she’s an elusive mistress. Just like gravity–you can’t see it, but you know it’s there–ROI from marketing is something that has been the holy grail of marketers for many years!