Country Performance Since the 2/8 Low

Includes: ACWI, ACWX, EEM, VT, VWO
by: Bespoke Investment Group

Sixty-five out of the 81 country indices listed below are up since the markets made their recent correction lows on February 8th. As shown, Greece (the country causing everyone to get all worked up recently) is up the second most of any country shown since 2/8 with a gain of 11.92%. The Ukraine is up the most with a gain of 12.69%. Brazil has been the best performing BRIC country with a gain of 7.88%.

Five of the seven G7 countries are doing better than three of the four BRIC countries since the recent lows. Britain, Canada, the US, France, and Germany are all up more than Russia, India, and China during the most recent rally. For the year, 44 out of 81 countries are in positive territory, with Estonia, Ukraine, and Bangladesh leading the way.

The US is outperforming all four BRIC countries so far in 2010. Slovakia, Dubai, and Spain have been the worst performing countries this year, all with declines of more than 10%.

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