SA PRO: Top Long And Short Ideas, Friday December 27

by: SA PRO Editors

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Exclusive Alpha-Rich Ideas

  1. TIM Participações: As The Chess Pieces Move In Europe, Double-Digit Upside In Brazil, by Helix Investment Research. TSU's low valuation belies its superior performance, while a sale of the company could come soon, leading to 20%+ upside. Exclusive until 9:30 AM today.
  2. The Beat And Raise Is The Mark Of Signature Bank, by Ashleigh Rogers. SBNY's rapid growth and focused footprint make the stock a compelling growth opportunity, with upcoming earnings a catalyst to 30% upside. Exclusive until 9:45 AM today.
  3. The Impending Dividend Cut Makes Gladstone Land A Prime Short Opportunity, by Dane Bowler, REIT expert Bowler says a dividend cut at LAND looms, leading to a 30% downside amidst a sell-off by yield-focused investors. Exclusive until 10:00 AM today.
  4. Camelot Information Systems: 5.6% Gross Return In 1.5 Months, by Yuanxi Zhang. CIS offers annualized upside over 30% once its pending buyout closes in early 2014. Exclusive until 10:15 AM today.
  5. Trinity Place Holdings: Own Prime NYC Real Estate For Next To Nothing, by McDuck Capital. TPHS' portfolio of for-sale retail buildings should nearly support its entire market cap, leaving a desirable Manhattan property at little cost to shareholders. 70% upside. Exclusive until 12:45 PM today.

Stock Movers and Great Calls
Alpha-Rich long and short ideas regularly move stocks and identify stocks that are about to move. Some notable recent calls subscribers had early access to:

  1. On December 19, Kingsley Park Capital - whose September call on XRTX was validated by a buyout Monday - pounded the table for NovaCopper (NCQ), arguing irrational ETF selling was driving shares well below intrinsic value. The stock is +16.%6 to date. Read article »
  2. DAG1996 pointed out on October 1 that the market was not pricing in a changing operating model at chemical maker Aceto (NASDAQ:ACET), leaving the stock significantly undervalued. Shares are now +49.8% since his call. Read article »

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