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This Week's Publishing Schedule

Due to the New Year's Day holiday on Wednesday, we will not be publishing Top Ideas articles on either Tuesday, December 31 or Wednesday, January 1.

Top Ideas publication will occur on a regular basis on Monday and will then resume on the morning of Thursday, January 2. We wish our subscribers a healthy, happy, and safe holiday and a prosperous New Year.

The Best Top Ideas of 2013

As 2014 approaches, the PRO team will highlight the best of our Top Ideas and Small-Cap Research content brought to you in 2013. Today, we're reviewing some of the best-performing long and short Top Ideas published by our contributors:

  1. On June 25, Intangible Valuation called Fonar Corporation, the creator of the first commercial MRI, a deeply undervalued play with upside from a recent acquisition. Shares are now +199.5% to date; yet, amazingly, Fonar was not even his best call of the year. Read article »
  2. Tech expert Ashraf Eassa made several strong short calls, including calling out Biozoom, whose shares were halted by the SEC two days later and now trade at zero (Eassa's target price). In September, Eassa recommended a short of storage maker Violin Memory soon after its IPO; the stock is -47.3% to date. Read article »
  3. Shares of Astrotech rose nearly 50% on October 25 on the back of a strong earnings report, the day before Inefficient Market said the stock still had plenty more room to run. He was right; shares have tripled, now +201.0% in little more than two months since his call. Read article »
  4. Energy expert Richard Zeits had an outstanding year, nailing a series of long and short calls; Forest Oil and SandRidge Mississippian Trust I are both down over 30% since Zeits argued their respective short cases. But his best call was recommending Penn Virginia in June, a position he reiterated earlier this month. PVA is +116.2% since his June piece. Read article »
  5. On August 23, MBAvalueinvestor called Nuverra Environmental a "destroyer of capital" with significant potential for default. In one of the year's best short calls, the stock is -41.4% to date. Read article »
  6. Tonix Pharmaceuticals is up over 92% in just four weeks since Joe Springer called the stock a potential multi-bagger on December 2. But his May 23 call on Hydrogenics has posted an even bigger gain; shares of the renewable energy play are +120.9% so far. Read article »
  7. Josh Young argued that Gastar Exploration had scored a coup in buying back stock and oilfield interests from Chesapeake Energy in June. Young did as well, as Gastar shares are +148.3% since his bull call. Read article »
  8. Inflection Point Investing noted on July 23 that shares of Zhone had recently doubled, and argued that they were poised to do so again before year's end. Indeed, they did; the stock is +131.6% to date. Read article »
  9. Amidst a roaring bull market, short-selling was a dangerous proposition in 2013. But Tristan R. Brown found an excellent candidate in ethanol producer BioFuel Energy, whose bear case he covered in August in the best-performing short Top Idea published in 2013. Shares are -48.6% to date. Read article »
  10. As noted above, Intangible Valuation's recommendation of Fonar returned nearly 200%, but wasn't even his best call of the year. That honor went to his article on Alliance Healthcare Services back on March 26, which was not only his best call but the best-performing Top Idea published in 2013, as shares are +250.7% to date. (We were going to give him a prize, but he disclosed a long position in the article, so we figured he already had enough to celebrate with.) Read article »

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