Final 2013 Country Stock Market Performance Numbers

by: Bespoke Investment Group

With the 2013 trading year now closed for business, below is a look at the final stock market performance numbers for 76 countries around the world (% chg in local currencies).

As shown, Dubai finished up the most in 2013 with a gain of 107.69%. Japan was up the fourth most with a gain of 56.72%, making it the best performing G7 country. The US ended up in 9th place globally with a gain of 29.6% -- not bad!

Of the other G7 countries, Germany finished third with a YTD gain of 25.48%, followed by France (17.99%), Italy (16.56%), the UK (14.43%) and Canada (9.55%).

Only 16 of the 76 countries shown finished in the red in 2013. Peru was down the most with a decline of 23%, while Brazil was the second worst performer on the list at -15.50%. It ended up being a rough year for the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China). Of the four BRIC countries, three finished down (Brazil, Russia, China) while India was up just 8.98%. Will 2014 be the year where the BRICs make a comeback? We'll get our first data point on Thursday. Happy New Year!