Oct 31

Tip on Free Magazine Access

On October 2, we at SoundMoneyTips offered you some Tips on Men’s Magazines. We shared a few buyers’ secrets for how to save your green, but still get your favorite glossies. Then one smart Sound Money Tips subscriber did us one better and tracked down a source for totally free magazines. Thanks loves2deal!

If you don’t mind reading your favorite pubs, sans pictures and ads, his is definitely the way to go, since “monthly mag-oholics” can gain free access to millions of featured articles in almost every male (and female) magazine under the sun. Follow these easy steps:

1. Click on Access My Library, and search until you find the article you wish to read.

2. Some articles will appear in full automatically. For others, you may need to enter either your library card number or ‘87747’ as your ZIP code.

3. Voila! Read away. No registration, no email, and no money required!

Note: The only drawback to all this free reading is that the site does not post all publications right up to date. Sometimes they are even more than a few issues behind. So if you're in a rush to read the latest, you may have to look elsewhere... or actually (gasp) buy the thing.


  • I went back today, you don't even need a library card or to enter the code now, there's a "free access button"

    Nov 09
  • This is a great site for kids that need to access magazine articles for school projects.

    Nov 06
  • Wow, accessmylibrary.com is a great resource. i found all kinds of news articles for free.

    Nov 06
  • This website is a great free source to access millions of articles on different issues whether it be entertainment, current events, business, etc..

    Nov 06
  • Sweet, found Consumer Reports there too....www.accessmylibrary.co... including car buying issue. And Motor Trend. Nice.

    Nov 06