SA PRO: Top Long And Short Ideas, Monday January 6

by: SA PRO Editors

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This is your daily report for Monday, January 6, with today's top long and short ideas available only to SA PRO subscribers.

Top Small-Cap Insight Articles

Our Small-Cap Research library now has 5,000 articles, with over 60,000 comments, covering more than 3,000 tickers often neglected by traditional sell-side research. Small-Cap Insight articles, in addition to our Top Ideas, give PRO subscribers access to actionable, detailed, and comprehensive coverage of the entire equity universe.

Here are some of the top Small-Cap Insight articles of late, as chosen by the PRO editorial team:

  1. A financial partnership with Blackstone drove up shares of Crocs last week, but Bill Maurer says investors are missing a number of potentially bearish announcements made in conjunction with the deal. Read article »
  2. ValueArtifex takes a detailed look at NL Industries, whose market capitalization is exceeded by the value of its ownership stake in three other publicly traded companies. Read article »
  3. Financial expert Ashleigh Rogers examines the sad story of Synovus, a victim of the financial crisis, and sees a possible road to redemption for long-suffering shareholders. Read article »
  4. John Leonard looks at recent spin-off Ashford Prime, saying the hotel REIT's luxury focus should earn a higher multiple despite the REIT's high leverage. Read article »
  5. Tumi is a growth stock in disguise, with 30% upside potential in 2014, writes Pendulum. Read article »

Stock Movers and Great Calls
Top long and short ideas regularly move stocks and identify stocks that are about to move. Some notable recent calls subscribers had early access to:

  1. On December 10, Nigel Stevenson, CFA wrote that value would ultimately prevail at K. Wah International Holdings, as the sharp discount to tangible book value and an excellent dividend would eventually draw investors. Shares are +18.2% to date. Read article »
  2. On September 10, Ariana Research predicted at least 40% upside for Paradise, Inc. which was trading at a discount to net current assets and presented a possible acquisition target as well. The stock is +52.4% since. Read article »

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