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Editor's notes: The cloud-computing space is far more attractive in Europe than North America, and InterXion has a foothold in this market. Amid choppy trading, INXN is some 50% undervalued.

InterXion Holding (INXN) is a Netherlands-based cloud and carrier-neutral data center provider in Europe. The company is a secular growth play on the nascent cloud computing migration in Europe, which is a few years behind the US in that transformation. The preponderance of businesses that are shifting to cloud services and eliminating their own hosted server is accelerating, and InterXion, with an early mover advantage in Europe, stands to be a key beneficiary of that shift. Additional to the great market with massive secular tailwinds, the shares are being mispriced due to low sell-side coverage, misconception of the European industry comparing it to the American data center market, and large moat with pricing power for the company.


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