Brick Chart View of Major Indexes

by: Richard Shaw

Brick charts can make visualizing support, resistance and trends easier to interpret than daily price charts, by filtering out some of the noise in price fluctuations.

The traditional name is “Renko” charts, which was translated into English as “brick”.

Like Point & Figure charts, they are time independent and require the price to move more than a certain amount before a new “brick” (or “box” as it would be called in P&F charts) is plotted.

The charts below use the 10-day Average True Range of the daily closing price as the size of a brick.

Because the charts are time independent and only dependent on quantum price changes, the charts may not change for several time periods.

On these charts, hollow white bricks are upward moves, and red filled bricks are downward moves.

The stock charts below are for:

  • VT — World
  • VEU — World ex US
  • SPY — US large-cap
  • MDY — US mid-cap
  • IWM — US small-cap
  • VGK — Europe
  • EWJ — Japan
  • EEM — Emerging markets
  • EWA — Australia
  • EWC — Canada
  • FXI — China
  • EWZ — Brazil
  • INP — India

MDY and IWM are fully recovered from the January-February reaction low, and have surpassed the January high.

SPY and EWC are fully recovered and are even with their January high bricks.

FXI is in the worst shape being less than 50% recovered (down 10 bricks from its November high, and up 4 bricks from the recent low).

The other symbols are in various intermediate stages of recovery.


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