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With the disk drive industry channel inventories under control (4-5 weeks), an easing of media constraints (glass, aluminum) and aggressive pricing by Samsung/Hitachi (HIT) (Seagate (STX) also vowed not to cede more shares) Western Digital (WDC) /Komag (KOMG) is straining under a lot of negative factors. Furthermore, STX’s lowered capex outlook, given improved yields and better utilization on Maxtor assets, could affect Xyratex (XRTX) /Intevac (IVAC).

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
will bring a new breed of multifunction chips to market by early 2009, codenamed "Fusion". The chip will combine the calculating power with graphics components that draw three-dimensional characters and scenery in game software.

Microsoft (MSFT)
will offer coupons for free or heavily discounted upgrades to its long-delayed Windows Vista operating system to consumers who buy computers this holiday season ahead of the software's release.

Dell (DELL) is set to begin shipping notebooks that feature AMD CPUs. The twist is that Dell will target the low-end of the notebook market with its AMD models, with prices ranging from $449-499. That’s right, a sub $500 laptop. AMD currently accounts for less than 15% of the global notebook CPU market, but the company expects to grow its share significantly by partnering with Dell.

Source: Rob Black's Tech Stock Report