Cramer's Lightning Round - AONE Is Steak Sauce (3/11/10)

by: Miriam Metzinger

Stocks discussed on the lightning round session of Jim Cramer's Mad Money TV Program, Thursday March 11.

Bullish Calls:

Ford (NYSE:F), Ford Preferred (F-PS): "We may have a $12.5m auto buildout in this country… do you know what that means for Ford? It means sales are really exploding…I want to buy Ford, I want to buy FORD Preferred, I want to buy them right here, right now, any time of the week."

EZCORP (NASDAQ:EZPW): "I do not understand why it is not even hotter than it is… it is a pawn shop play… I have liked the pawn shop plays and the check cashing plays… Why? Well first of all the financial legislation is not even hurting them… second, when people are hurting they go pawn shopping… It is not expensive."

Fuel Systems Solutions (NASDAQ:FSYS): "You know I reiterated that I thought at $26 that you should buy it… it is now up 6 points, that is enough of a move… and I know alternative energy, fuel, you know that I like it… I like natural gas, my sister tells me not to speak about it anymore, but I told her today, I slapped her down … we are making money, I said forget about it… whenever we can make money man, you lay off of me…"

Devon (NYSE:DVN): "I know it so well that I am being told by people that I talk about it too much… so what, if I make a little money for people?"

Range Resources (NYSE:RRC): "We are ringing the register…we are trying to find the next XTO (i.e. takeover target), which may be Range Resources… so make that move."

Clean Energy Fuels (NASDAQ:CLNE): "We have been behind Clean Energy...because the stock is working… and when I have been recommending the stock for some time, because I believe in the clean fuel filling station model… and yesterday we saw a great quarter… and that is why the stock is not done going higher… CLNE is still for me."

Sociedad Quimica (NYSE:SQM): "Has been a dog, I admit that… that is the lithium play... that is the only battery play that I am using in terms of like these alternative batteries…"

Bearish Calls:

A123 Systems (AONE): "I am not going to endorse AONE steak sauce, which I do not like and it is in the cafeteria every day… I never put it on… and I am not endorsing the stock."

Amylin Pharmaceuticals (AMLN): "No, this diabetes play has run up too much…don't buy, don't buy."

XTO Energy (XTO): "That trade is done… we are done."


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