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Google's purchase of YouTube was "the high water mark" for deals in the video sharing space, according to Alan M. Meckler, chairman and CEO of Jupitermedia Corp. And Meckler knows a thing or two about deals. He’s done more than a hundred in lashing together Web sites, research resources and image licensors to create his company.

"Historically in media and publishing, there’s only room for 1 or to grand efforts" he said. Meckler believes that while there may be dozens of other video sharing Web sites, they haven't got much chance to succeed. "I think it’s somewhat of a fad, and I'm not sure anyone else is going to do really well," he added. "The social community site thing is also overdone and those buying in now are probably too late in terms of, long term, making money."

Meckler sounds the same theme when he talks about blogs. "A 21st century version of the 19th century diary," he calls them, adding "99% of all blogs will be worthless and not make any money."

Meckler's company (JUPM) has made millions. Its relatively new division, Jupiterimages, licenses stock photos, music, animated graphics, and other images. Today in Barcelona, Meckler announced the acquisition of Cover - Imagen y Publicaciones, S.L., a Spanish image distribution company.

But that may be it for the image operation's expansion for a while. Meckler concedes the company's roots on the Internet have been ignored, and that's about to change. The man, who in 1993 created what became the global Internet World shows, plans to launch new Web sites and trade events next spring.

In Boston, in May, he said the company will stage an "IT alignment" show aimed at a company's technology executives. In June, there will be another show, “more tech and video, where we think we’ve found a niche not yet covered, and that we can cover with editorial and a Web site." If the shows work out, there will be west coast versions and eventually international conferences.

Meckler is a CEO who has a blog.

Source: Innovative Jupitermedia Set To Return To Web