Mortgage Debt as a Percentage of Consumer Credit: Welcome to Hell

 |  Includes: KBE, KRE, RKH, XLF
by: Paco Ahlgren

See the green part of the graph below? That’s home mortgage debt up until 2008.

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See the blue part? That’s consumer credit.

Call me mathematical, but what’s wrong with this picture? More importantly, what propaganda machine continues to succeed in preventing the breathing portion of humanity from recognizing that the government sponsored and encouraged lending in the home mortgage industry for decades, and this is what happened.

Stated another way: The government not only caused this, it encouraged it. This has nothing to do with market action. This is pure, politically-motivated manipulation.

For those of you still so mind-numb that you remain skeptical, ask yourself this: why is the commercial mortgage market still solvent?

Answer? Because it doesn’t have government sponsorship.