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YouTube continued its dramatic growth in September, with traffic to the site totaling 81 million visitors, according to a report issued Thursday by ComScore Networks. That was a 12% increase from August.

Some might have expected a dip in audience, given that many of the video sharing site's users were back on campus. But it appears they still had time for YouTube (GOOG) and, perhaps more importantly, also had broadband access.

ComScore's Top Global Web Properties
Unique visitors aged 15 and up.

* Microsoft (MSFT) Sites 505,479
* Yahoo! (YHOO) Sites 480,641
* Google Sites 467,498
* eBay (EBAY) 237,327
* Time Warner Network (TWX) 217,843
* Wikipedia Sites 154,848
* Amazon (AMZN) Sites 133,518
* Fox Interactive Media (NWS) 117,789
* Ask Network (IACI) 112,768
* Adobe (ADBE) Sites 95,196
* Apple Computer, Inc. (AAPL) 94,909
* Lycos, Inc. 91,126
* CNET Networks (CNET) 84,259
* 81,019
* Viacom (VIA) Digital 65.8

Disclosure: I own shares of Google, Time Warner, and Apple

Source: ComScore Traffic Data for Sept.: YouTube Continues To Explode