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A total of 130 S&P 500 companies hit 52-week highs Wednesday, or 26% of the index. No companies hit 52-week lows. Below is a chart of net 52-week highs (% 52-wk highs minus % 52-wk lows) for the S&P 500 since 2008. While net new highs had been struggling to expand in recent months, yesterday's reading marks a new bull market high. Investors want to see this reading hit new highs as the market hits new highs to confirm long-term rallies, and yesterday the current bull market rally was once again confirmed. This doesn't mean we can't see pullbacks from overbought levels in the short term, however.

Below is a list of the 130 S&P 500 companies that hit 52-week highs yesterday.

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Source: 52-Week Highs Explode