When Is a Contract a Contract?

Includes: BAB, CMF, MUB
by: Richard Shaw

The current US administration does not seem to regard contracts as “a deal is a deal” when the other party is the owner of capital.

Bond holders took the pipe in the auto company bankruptcies at the hands of the administration. In the Congress, Barney Frank talked tough about bank bond holders perhaps needing to take a haircut. Now the IRS is effectively putting Build America Bond (NYSEARCA:BAB) holders at risk in its credit and collections between the federal and state governments.

Too bad for the honest souls who bought Build America Bond, it seems. They opted for BABs based on promises from the states and the federal government, and may have to suffer if Uncle Sam won’t chip in the money promised to induce investors to take positions.

March 18 (Bloomberg) — Florida temporarily suspended sales of Build America Bonds on concern that the Internal Revenue Service may block federal interest-cost subsidies, said Ben Watkins, who oversees the state’s debt sales.

The fourth-largest U.S. state by population halted issuance after a recent conference call in which the IRS said it may offset the 35% subsidy payments if an issuer owes the federal government for other programs, such as Medicaid, Watkins said today at the National Municipal Bond Summit in Miami.

Buyer beware on traditional muni’s in lousy credit states, like California. Beware of traditional muni’s in terms of likely attempts by Congress to phase out tax-exempt income on outstanding and future issues. Now beware of Build America Bonds which may not payout because the states cannot, and the feds may decide that they will not.

The rules keep changing, and the sanctity of contracts seems to be increasingly subordinated to the “greater good” as some see it. We wonder how the “greater good” will fare when private capital won’t play in games where the other side is also the referee, score keeper, judge and in some cases executioner.

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