Claymore Plans 10 More Wilshire Size and Style ETFs

Includes: WFVK, WREI, WXSP
by: Tom Lydon

Following the successful launch of three ETFs earlier this month, Claymore Securities, more widely known for its niche investment platforms, plans to launch 10 more broadly focused ETFs.

After being acquired by Guggenheim Partners in October (the firm also announced plans to buy ETF issuer Rydex in February 2010), Claymore is taking a new direction by offering a full line of broad strategy ETFs, writes Olivier Ludwig for IndexUniverse. Claymore has $2.8 billion in ETF assets under management in the United States.

The first filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was for nine ETFs that will be covering a range of various investment sizes and styles and the second filing was for a non-U.S. real estate investment trusts fund. The ETFs will be tracking indexes from Wilshire Associates.

Claymore hasn’t yet disclosed the new ETFs’ expense ratios or their ticker symbols. The funds filed include:

  • Wilshire Large-Cap ETF
  • Wilshire Large-Cap Growth ETF
  • Wilshire Large-Cap Value ETF
  • Wilshire Mid-Cap ETF
  • Wilshire Mid-Cap Growth ETF
  • Wilshire Mid-Cap Value ETF
  • Wilshire Small-Cap ETF
  • Wilshire Small-Cap Growth ETF
  • Wilshire Small-Cap Value ETF
  • Wilshire Ex-U.S. Real Estate ETF

On March 9, Claymore launched the Wilshire 5000 Total Market Index ETF (NYSEARCA:WFVK). WFVK is based on the Wilshire 5000 and has an annual expense ratio of 0.12%. The ETF most like the WFVK is the SPDR Dow Jones Total Market ETF (TMW), which tracks a similar benchmark and has an expense ratio of 0.21%. The other two funds are the Wilshire 4500 Completion Index ETF (NYSEARCA:WXSP) and the Wilshire U.S. Real Estate Investment Trust Index ETF (NYSEARCA:WREI).

Read the disclaimer; Tom Lydon is a board member of Rydex|SGI. Both Claymore and Rydex|SGIO are owned by Guggenheim Partners.

Max Chen contributed to this article.