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Editor's notes: New management is among a series of positive catalysts and events that could drive WG.V higher. The platinum miner may make a mint for investors as an acquisition target.

(Editors' Note: Wellgreen Platinum trades under the symbol WG.V on the TSXV with average daily volume of ~$40,000 CAD)

Wellgreen Platinum: (OTCQX:WGPLF) (WG.V) Our 5-month investigation concludes that Wellgreen has the best Risk vs. Reward within the Platinum/Palladium sector:

  1. Platinum/palladium supply remains at a significant deficit. ETF demand doubled in 2013.
  2. Wellgreen Platinum holds one of the largest PGM deposits in the world; the Canadian location is ideally situated for off-take shipment to Asian smelters.
  3. 93% of global Platinum supply (83% of Palladium) comes from Russia, South Africa or Zimbabwe. High risk of supply shock. Labor unrest growing.
  4. Recent Indonesia action banning export of unprocessed minerals will lead to an estimated 234,000 tonnes of unused capacity,

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