First Quarter Country Stock Market Performance

 |  Includes: ACWI, ACWX, EEM, EFA, VT, VWO
by: Bespoke Investment Group

The average year-to-date performance of the 81 countries listed below is 6.94%. With a YTD gain of 5.27%, the US is just below average. Only 12 of the countries shown are down so far in 2010. Three Eastern European countries are leading the way this year with the biggest gains -- Ukraine (58.87%), Estonia (41.36%), and Romania (29.89%). Bermuda is down the most with a YTD decline of 31.39%.

Looking at just the G-7 countries, Japan is up the most so far in 2010 with a gain of 6.62%. Japan is followed closely by Britain (+6.13%). The US ranks third out of G-7 countries, while Italy has been the worst of the group with a decline of 0.18%.

Of the BRIC countries, only Russia is doing better than the US in 2010. Brazil, India, and China have all underperformed the US. China is one of the 12 countries that is down.