Move Inc. Attacks House Prices Site

| About: Move, Inc. (MOVE)

Allan Dalton, CEO of Move Inc.'s (NASDAQ:MOVE), launched a remarkable attack on competitor Zillow at a recent realtors' conference. Zillow president Lloyd Frink claimed in a speech at a California Association of Realtors conference in Long Beach that Zillow wouldn't disintermediate real estate agents. Mr Dalton, who was scheduled to talk next, opened his speech with a stunning 15 minute attack on Mr Frink. Here's a short video excerpt of the juciest bits:

(Thanks to Paul Kaihla for the tip.)

The speech highlights the competitive positons of the two companies: Move Inc. is allied with realtors, whereas Zillow (despite Mr Frink's claims) threatens realtors by attempting to dispell the key information inefficiency -- home valuation -- that forces home sellers to pay up for realtors.

You can take either side of the realtor disintermediation bet by going long or short stocks like MOVE. Privately-owned Zillow has raised $57 million; MOVE has a market cap of about $700 million.