Cramer's Mad Money - Honeywell Has Technology No One Can Match (1/29/14)

Includes: AAL, CLB, HON
by: Miriam Metzinger

Stocks discussed on the in-depth session of Jim Cramer's Mad Money TV Program, Wednesday January 29.

CEO Interview: David Cote, Honeywell (NYSE:HON)

Honeywell (HON) is a great American industrial company that reported a 2 cent earnings beat with organic revenues up 5%. Turbo chargers sold well and, in spite of recent bearish news about China, sales in the country were up double digits. CEO David Cote expressed caution about the Chinese economy, which is the second largest company in the world for Honeywell's sales. Cote, however, thinks the U.S. economy is improving slightly and is confident about the long term demand for airplanes and turbochargers, which cause cars to consume up to one third less gasoline; "We have technology nobody can match," Cote said.

Emerging Markets Woes

The Dow fell 190 points on Wednesday, but Cramer thinks this has less to do with earnings from companies than it has to do with panic over emerging markets, especially Turkey. Cramer remembers past scenarios when emerging markets experienced crisis and stocks fell, but usually recovered well. Turkey mania also happened in the past, but the hype gave way to a stock market dip when the country experienced a decline. Cramer remembers similar scenarios with Mexico in 1994, Southeast Asia in 1997 and Russia in 1998. Investors who stuck to their guns saw the U.S. market snap back. Cramer would not be surprised to see a 5-6% decline in stocks, given technical analysis of the S&P 500. Long-term investors should use the correction as a buying opportunity for quality stocks.

CEO Interview: Doug Parker, American Airlines (NASDAQ:AAL). Other stock mentioned: US Airways (LCC)

Cramer refused to buy airline stocks for a long time because of excessive competition in the industry and a lack of profitability. The merger between US Airways (LCC) and American Airlines to form the new American Airlines (AAL) signaled a turnaround in the airline industry as increased consolidation meant less competition. Now 4 carriers carry 80% of all passengers. CEO Doug Parker is confident about the new company's ability to not only fill seats, but to do so profitably. Since the merger, it has significant cash on its balance sheet, and Parker stated an intention to return some of that to shareholders. Bookings remain strong in spite of concerns about the weather and the economy.

CEO Interview: David Demshur, Core Labs (NYSE:CLB)

Core Labs (CLB) is the "scientist of the oil patch," and an important part of the oil and gas renaissance in the U.S., although 60% of its sales are international. CLB has a symbiotic relationship with major oil companies, and CLB contributes its technology to increase production and recovery rates. The company beat earnings by 2 cents and gave positive guidance. CLB tends to trade down after earnings, but has gotten a boost every time CEO David Demshur has appeared on Mad Money, so Cramer thinks now might be a good time to buy CLB. The stock has given a 220% return since Cramer got behind it in 2010.


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