Cramer's Lightning Round - A Two Company Market (4/13/10)

by: Miriam Metzinger

Stocks discussed on the lightning round session of Jim Cramer's Mad Money TV Program, Tuesday April 13.

Bullish Calls:

Research in Motion (RIMM): "First of all, this stock has almost closed the gap between when it reported the so-called disappointing quarter and where it is now… fell all the way down to $67... now, here is what you need to know… go back over that quarter, that quarter was monster good… plus Palm is faltering… it is a two company market, Apple and Research In Motion… Research In Motion is conservatively well run… I think that RIMM is going to go and take out a tie… I am recommending that you pull the trigger right here."

SanDisk (SNDK): "SanDisk is a hot smoking stock… and it is not done… SanDisk is uniquely levered to the internet tsunami that I talk about… I think SanDisk should still be bought here… I think the stock could go to the $50’s."

Citigroup (NYSE:C): "I think that this stock goes higher... I would dare to say that I think it goes much higher, it goes thru book value of $5... Friday negative articles in the paper, Monday negative articles in the paper, today negative articles in the paper… what happens? The stock either goes higher or it stays the same… that is a sign of tremendous accumulation… when the government clears out as a seller, this stock is going to take off… I want you to buy Citi right here."

Sprint Nextel (NYSE:S), Verizon (NYSE:VZ), AT&T (NYSE:T): "Very hard, very hard… Sprint is very hard because it is very speculative and because I do not think that anyone is going to be able to buy them… I think that it could go to $5 because this is a speculative market that takes up things ... so I am a believer that Sprint could go higher… but I do prefer Verizon and AT&T … I am in the end, a conservative investor."

Teva (NYSE:TEVA): "Teva has been lukewarm right here for the last few days… this RatioPharma deal was a brilliant deal… RatioPharma is the big German generics... they have got generics, they have got proprietary, they have got the numbers… Teva is a $75 stock masquerading as a $63 stock, $62.80 at one point today."

Skyworks Solutins (NASDAQ:SWKS): "We have better experience with [CEO] David Aldridge over at Skyworks Solutions Inc.… so I am going to say do not buy yours (MaxLinear) and pull the trigger on Skyworks."

Walt Disney (NYSE:DIS): "[Bob Iger] is just an unbelievable CEO... he has done a fantastic job, he is on top of every aspect of the business… whether it be ESPN, whether it be the theme parks, whether it be the cable, whether it be the broadcast… and I have got to tell you something, this stock is headed to the mid $50’s… that is right, the mid $50’s over a two year period… and I would buy it right here…"

BB&T (NYSE:BBT): "BB&T rocks.. the Colonial acquisition is great… this stock is headed to $40... I can’t be more bullish about BB&T… I want you to buy it right here... I want you to stick with BB&T."

Bearish Calls:

MaxLinear (NYSE:MXL): "MaxLinear I like, but you know what? We have better experience with David Aldridge over at Skyworks Solutions Inc. so I am going to say do not buy yours and pull the trigger on Skyworks."


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