Shhhh! - eLong (LONG), Visa in partnership - BUT don't tell anyone!

Includes: CTRP, LONG
by: Ezra Marbach

Visa announced a partnership with Chinese online travel
services provider eLong (ticker: LONG) on Thursday. Details of the agreement and a quick thought:

All Visa card holders, including international card
holders, will receive LONG VIP services including up to 80% discounts at more than 2,100 hotels in over 200 cities across China. They will also receive LONG VIP member points that can be exchanged for prizes, and free delivery of airline tickets in 50 Chinese cities. LONG will also include the "Verified by VISA" logo in its online
payment system.

Quick thought: After LONG's weak Q4 results this week, and the subsequent drop in its stock, you would think management would be overjoyed with the prospect of any good news - that they might splash a notice on their English-language homepage to get investor attention. But no. Nothing. Not a mention on any of LONG's English language web sites.

But you can find it here in Chinese. And if you cant read Chinese, Google (ticker: GOOG) translation will provide some help. Of course it leaves something to be desired.

LONG's stock market performance: