Now's A Good Time To Buy Mueller Water and Walter Industries

Includes: MWA, WLT
by: John Bethel

Two portfolio holdings, Mueller Water Products (NYSE:MWA) and Walter Industries (NYSE:WLT), both sold off sharply late last week.

Why? Because they committed the sin of reporting strong quarterly results -- just not as strong as Wall Street expected.

So Mueller Water closed Friday at $14.23, down 10.5% for the day. And Walter ended the day at $41.18, down more than 9.5% itself for the session.

Both are bargains, in my opinion. The Mueller Water and Walter Industries' stories have been out there for several months. Anyone thinking about buying them -- and who hasn't -- should strongly consider adding them here. Some like Walter more than Mueller. You know I like having BOTH as full portfolio positions.

On a side note, The New York Times mentions Mueller in a story on corporate spinoffs:

Mueller Water Products, the dominant producer of hydrants, values and pipe fittings for municipalities, was carved out of Walter Industries, another conglomerate, in May and its stock has languished ever since. Mr. Cornell said he liked its prospects, though, especially once Walter distributes its remaining shares as expected by the end of the year.

With America’s aging infrastructure in need of fixing, Mueller, a solid moneymaker, would appear to be well positioned to handle its business alone, without having to share profits with a parent. That would be good for Mueller’s shareholders, which is the whole point of a spinoff, after all.

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WLT-MWA 1-yr comparison chart:

WLT-MWA 1-yr comparison chart