U.S. Equities Continue to Outperform in 2010

 |  Includes: DIA, EWZ, FXI, INP, QQQ, RSX, SPY
by: Bespoke Investment Group

Will 2010 prove to be the year of the US? At least in terms of stocks, it has been so far. Below we highlight the year to date performance (as well as the change since the 2/8 lows) of 81 country equity market indices.

As shown, aside from Russia, the US is currently outperforming all of the BRIC and G-7 countries so far in 2010. While the US is up 8.26% YTD (S&P 500), Brazil is up 1.06%, India is down 0.02%, and China is down 9.08%. The next best G7 country to the US is the UK with a gain of 6.85%.

And if you factor in the gain in the dollar this year, the US outperformance is even better.

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