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Editor's notes: HGG has been punished unfairly, as the market has misinterpreted temporary problems as a "new normal." The stock could have 100% upside.

Contrarian investors know that it is the least popular stocks that make for the best long-term investments. It is difficult to find a sector that is less well-liked than consumer electronics retail, where competition has taken a bite out of the profitability of many of the industry's players.

One retailer in particular has been particularly unpopular recently. Shares of retailer hhgregg (HGG) are down over 50% in just the last two months, as the company has been severely punished by the market for reporting sales and profits that have been below the market's expectations. However, the company remains profitable despite temporary problems the company has faced. Furthermore, hhgregg continues to shift its business towards products in which the...

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