GM Loan Repayment: Mischaracterization at Best, Lie at Worst

Includes: F, MTLQQ
by: Josh Dowlut

GM (OTC:MTLQQ) received $52 billion from the US government in bailout money but has only paid back $6.7 billion. How then is this being reported as "repayment in full 5 years ahead of schedule?" Only $6.7 billion was technically considered to be a loan. The rest of it was the government buying GM stock when it was falling like a rock and no one else would. The government's decision to ignore contract law and blowout the bondholders GM owed money to also helped.

The new GM would have to IPO at a market cap greater than presently profitable Ford (NYSE:F) in order for the government to no longer be a majority shareholder, a highly unlikely scenario within the foreseeable future.

Reporting this as repayment in full without explaining these crucial details is mischaracterization at best and a bold faced lie at worst.

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