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Unless you live in southern California or southern Florida, baby it's cold outside. And the cold weather is drawing down natural gas storage at a record clip. Natural gas spot cash prices have already seen a super spike this week. If storage remains on track to fall below 1 trillion cubic feet, then the pricing of natural gas futures could be next to super spike. The latest EIA Natural Gas Weekly Storage Report shows natural gas storage has fallen to 1,923 billion cubic feet as of the week ending January 31, 2014. That is ahead of the pace needed for natural gas storage to fall under 1 trillion cubic feet on normal February and March weather as explained in the article Real Chance Natural Gas Storage Dips Under 1 Trillion Cubic Feet.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Here is a look at the actual cash spot markets for natural gas at various hubs around the country as reported by Natural Gas Intelligence:

Trade Date: Feb 06; Flow Date(s): Feb 07
Algonquin Citygates$27.0000$23.0000$23.7239-0.5908102,30028
Beverly Salem$23.0000$23.0000$23.0000-46.65225,0001
Col Gas TCO$9.0000$6.0000$6.9688-0.9646495,20086
Iroquois (OTC:INTO)$17.5000$15.0000$16.0843-5.2970178,90044
M&N US$24.5000$24.5000$24.50002.500040,0001
REX E-ANR$8.8000$8.0000$8.4133-13.3235137,90025
REX E-MidW$8.8000$8.5000$8.5917-16.823560,0008
REX E-PEPL$8.7500$8.7500$8.75001.895910,0001
TETCO-M2 (receipt)$7.2500$6.7700$6.9791-1.0790174,30034
TGP-Z4 Marcellus$3.0500$2.0000$2.4760-0.673287,50020
TGP-Z4 Sta-219$6.5600$6.1500$6.4021-1.3001136,50034
TGP-Z4 Sta-313$5.7500$5.1000$5.3760-0.256955,90017
TGP-Z6 200L$24.7500$23.0000$23.4341-6.102362,20018
Transco-Z5 (non-WGL)$8.6000$8.0000$8.34990.1238150,20034
Transco-Z6 (non-NY north)$9.0000$8.5000$8.7626-1.0303117,50018
Transco-Z6 (non-NY)$9.2500$8.3000$8.8997-0.643492,20022
Transco-Z6 (NYSEARCA:NY)$19.0000$17.0000$18.0219-3.8494162,200
Egan Stor$8.7500$8.7500$8.75003.720025,0001
Golden Triangle$6.6000$6.2000$6.4148-1.152727,0003
Houston Ship Channel$11.0000$7.0000$7.7533-2.736164,70013
Moss Bluff Inter$9.5000$6.5000$7.3823-1.0336268,30028

Notice how the Henry Hub traded as high as $9 per mcf. The NYMEX Natural Gas Futures are based on trading at the Henry Hub. Yet those futures have yet to rise to $6 per mcf and are currently closer to $5 per mcf. The reason is most investors believe the couple of days of cold that caused fierce price competition will abate and that prices will fall back. But if storage falls under 1 trillion cubic feet that same fierce price competition for physical delivery of natural gas could erupt to make sure storage facilities are adequately filled to handle next winters demand.

Natural gas storage is well below normal in Canada just like it is in the lower 48 United States. This is exacerbating the competition for natural gas that flows both ways on both sides of the border. The EIA Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report details that last year natural gas storage fell 1,027 billion cubic feet after February 1. Last year February was warmer than normal. This year February has started out much colder than normal.

Investors looking to participate in a potential spike in natural gas futures prices have several options. They can make an investment in the United States Natural Gas Fund (NYSEARCA:UNG) which is based on the front month NYMEX natural gas futures contract. They can also look at the United States 12 Month Strip Fund (NYSEARCA:UNL) which is based on the natural gas futures for the next 12 months.

Another option is to look at a natural gas producing company that is not heavily hedged and is selling most of its natural gas in the cash spot markets at much higher prices than the futures markets. EXCO Resources (NYSE:XCO) traditionally has hedged only about half of its natural gas. Last summer it bought natural gas production in the Haynesville Shale from Chesapeake (CHK) for what is now looking like rock bottom prices. Contango (NYSEMKT:MCF) recently acquired Crimson Exploration to give itself exposure to oil and gas in the Woodbine and Buda formations. Prior to the acquisition Contango was an unhedged natural gas producer, but it did acquire some hedges with Crimson. It's 30% joint venture partner in the Buda oil and gas field U.S. Energy (NASDAQ:USEG) has no natural gas hedges and is getting only spot cash prices for its natural gas. Ultra Petroleum (NYSE:UPL) claims to be the lowest cost natural gas driller in the U.S. Cabot Oil and Gas (NYSE:COG) and Range Resources (NYSE:RRC) are leading natural gas producers in the prolific Marcellus Shale along with Chesapeake.

If storage is going to fall under 1 trillion cubic feet it won't happen until March. But the market will begin to price natural gas futures in advance once it perceives storage will fall under 1 trillion cubic feet. At this point, if cold remains in the forecast, then that could happen at any time. According to the EIA the last time natural gas storage fell under 1 trillion cubic feet was in 2003. Natural gas prices spiked higher that year. History could be setting up to repeat itself.

Source: Natural Gas Futures May Super Spike If Cold Persists