Cramer's Stop Trading! What's Bad for Europe Is Good for the USA (4/26/10)

 |  Includes: AMZN, C, DTG, HTZ
by: Miriam Metzinger

Stocks discussed on Jim Cramer's Stop Trading! TV Program, Monday April 26.

Citigroup (NYSE:C), Hertz Global (NYSE:HTZ), Dollar Thrifty (NYSE:DTG), (NASDAQ:AMZN)

Europe's problems are actually good for the U.S., said Cramer. While the bears obsess over overseas economic decline, Cramer thinks the need to put capital in a safe place, namely the U.S., has led to the "remarkable run" in domestic stocks; “This is a gigantic movement of capital out of Europe to the United States,” Cramer said. He thinks the euro is a "broken currency" and is one reason interest rates are so low. "If rates are low, I'm bullish."

While talk of financial regulation has not been good for banks, Cramer thinks Citigroup is "the bank to own" once the "headline risk" is finished and talk of reform has abated. He predicts the government will sell its shares at a good price rather than dumping its position all at once.

Cramer thinks Hertz Global (HTZ) is a buy for its strong business and its takeover of Dollar Thrifty (DTG).

While it seemed investors sold Amazon (AMZN) on its disappointing guidance, it appears many might have bought some of their positions back, since the stock rose 2.4% on Monday. Cramer said Amazon is a "premier retailer" that is "ready to run."


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