The Elephant-Hunt For Market Profits Continues

| About: ProShares UltraPro (URTY)

Sssh! Now we're closing in for another good shot, this time on the leveraged long (2x) ETF of ProShares Ultra Pro Russell 2000 (NYSEARCA:URTY).

Our keen, experienced, and astute native trackers once again have positioned us advantageously. This beast has fatigued recently, giving us the chance to catch him in the early stage of the thrilling rampage of another thunderous charge. We don't want him to get by us.

Our Market-Maker guides singled out this opportunity, knowing this corner of the wild well. They've seen herds of these animals and study them closely, identifying those most attractive to both tourists and regular occupants of the region. Careful records of the past behaviors of each subject lead to good anticipations of what to expect. Not perfect error-free insights, but they get it right on many of them with regularity.

Here's their current look at the recent past expectations for our intended quarry. Those vertical paths in the picture are not the actual trails traveled, but the expected ones. The big heavy footprint each day marks where our subject stood in the path at the time.

Experienced hunters of this kind of game will recognize the sizable +10.7% target, the high odds (92 of 100) of getting in a good shot, the assurance of favorable (+14.5%) past experiences, and plenty of them (36 out of nearly 1000) captured on fairly short (25 day) treks across the savanna. Big results out here on this one if a year could be spent as successfully as other hunters have had. But he's dangerous game (-9.5%) and can hurt us seriously if we lose our nerve and flee recklessly, so stay steady.

Are you ready? Got all your hunting gear loaded and prepared for the shoot? What will you use today, the Cannon Sure-Shot? I'll be sanding by with a back-up Konica in case anything jams or goes wrong.

Now! Let's get him in action! Buy!

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