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This article doesn't need any executive summary. It's not commentary just for executives.

When the Media hears about a billion dollars being spent on anything, let alone 19 of them, it can't possibly be real, unless it was to keep one country from slipping from the control of one sphere of international political influence into the progress of another's sphere.

So on network evening news the big presumption being thrown up against the sticking-wall is that there must be serious question about "that kid" who runs Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) spending all "that much" of the investing public's money on something so esoteric as a greeting your teen-age kids toss at one another casually. (And uniformly.)

Don't you know that's more than the entire market capitalization of each of half a dozen US capitalist icon corporations? Outrageous!

So there has to be a backlash!

Not from where the best-informed investment professionals see it.

Market-maker implied future price range expectations at last night's close continued their recent upward sweep, unabated. Almost as if the "news" wasn't even new to the scene.

(used with permission)

And maybe it wasn't, even if the "know-it-all" media didn't know.

Perhaps closer network attention might be paid to the market-makers. But they're not talking - except with the use of their capital to provide market liquidity. And what it says is that the FB acquisition may well be worth the price, not a reason to flee - "to evils that we know not of" as the Bard put it.

Source: Facebook's $19 Billion Buy As Seen By Media Vs. Market-Makers