Cramer's Lightning Round - Don't Sell Salesforce (5/7/10)

 |  Includes: AA, CRM, CY, F, TKLC
by: Miriam Metzinger

Stocks discussed on the lightning round session of Jim Cramer's Mad Money TV Program Friday May 7.

Bullish Calls: (NYSE:CRM): "Alright, this stock has come in brutally… it is one of those high flying stocks… I like to buy the high flyers... I know that the chart looks bad… people are saying that it is going to break down to $70 or $72... what a gift that would be… Marc Benioff [CEO] is working night and day for you to make a lot of money in… if you were to buy that stock in the low $70’s, I think you'd own it a year from now."

Tekelec (NASDAQ:TKLC), Cypress Semiconductor (NASDAQ:CY): "Cypress Semi has come in…I cannot believe how low these stocks (internet tsunami) are getting… I want to be a buyer not a seller."

Ford (F-PS): "I am back to recommending Ford Preferred...I believe that the stock could see $10 again, that is not a problem… why? Because I am thinking about long term where it goes to $ you got some at $13, then you buy some at $10, that is a nice basis...pull the trigger there and you are going to make some money."

Bearish Calls

Alcoa (NYSE:AA): "Let me just say this…that company used to generate a lot of cash...I think that it is going to be able to do it again…I would not sell it down here...I actually like the management…Can I recommend the stock?...No, but I do not want you to sell it down is just too darn cheap."


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