Cramer's Lightning Round - JDSU: Just Don't Sell Us (5/10/10)

by: Miriam Metzinger

Stocks discussed on the lightning round session of Jim Cramer's Mad Money TV Program, Monday May 10.

Bullish Calls

JDS UniPhase (JDSU): "I am a believer in JDSU at $11... I want to pull the trigger… I am not backing away for one minute from JDSU, which stands for 'Just Don’t Sell Us!'"

Synovus Financial Corp (NYSE:SNV): "It is, after that big secondary, a monster good buy… I should have recommended it on Friday… bad for me, I was too worried… Synovus (SNV) under $3... I say pull the trigger."

Keryx Biopharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:KERX): "Every time I see a diabetic drug, because of the horrors of this disease… I say it counts as a speculative play… I will endorse it only as speculation… no other reason… but that is what I want to do."

Huntsman (NYSE:HUN): "This company is going from bad to good… the stock has been going way down… my friend, buddy and partner Frank Mitch over at BB&T is saying it is getting better… who am I to go against Frank Mitch? He has analyzed and knocked, he has really nailed the chemical group… I am a buyer of Huntsman."

Windstream (NASDAQ:WIN): "Windstream is a buy… I mean, everyone keeps worrying about the dividend… stop worrying… you know I mean, get a little serious… you had a great opportunity under $10 last week."

Bearish Calls

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN): "I think that Amazon is very interesting… but I have to tell you… I get beleaguered like everybody else… and this one has gotten too hard to stick my neck out on… I do like it long term… boy, what a cop out... I like it long term… did you ever hear anybody not like something long term? Hey, I like… never mind I was going to say something vile."

Ashland (NYSE:ASH): "No, no, the time to look at Ashland was last year… this stock went up 20 straight points… I know that it is an absolute terrific play on the restructuring and infrastructure of America… I am proud enough to admit, and humble enough to admit… that I completely and utterly missed Ashland."

Palm (PALM): "I think that it is time to go… it is time to go… Hewlett Packard is not going to pay more (in their acquisition of PALM)… you do not want to have to pay up here… let’s just say, ring the register and… ring the register, sell, even if it is to loss."


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