Whole Foods Looks Healthy

May.17.10 | About: Whole Foods (WFM)

Financial Tides likes Whole Foods' (WFMI) promotion of a healthy lifestyle. They were hurting for a while when households traded down price wise during the beginning of the recession. For the first time in 5 quarters same store sales are up as shoppers again strive to eat healthy and organic if they can afford it (see earnings conference call transcript here). They have begun to market more private label items that are competitively priced with the larger chains. There are 51 new locations coming on line bringing the total to 350 locations. That should give them major recognition in the marketplace.

Whole Foods Market is the largest purveyor of natural foods in the world. They own and operate the country's largest chain of natural food supermarkets. They are like an old-fashioned neighborhood grocery store, an organic farmer's market, a European bakery, a New York deli, and a modern supermarket all rolled into one. The Company also offers a wide variety of non-perishable natural products on its Web site here.

The stock presently has upward price momentum with 3 new highs in the last 5 sessions and a 3.73% increase in the last 30 days. Barchart has an 88% technical buy signal with 11 of 13 indicators a positive buy. The stock trades at 40.17 with a 50 day moving average of 37.90.

Investor sentiment is very high on Motley Fool with the CAPS members voting 3,676 to 595 that the stock will beat the market. All Stars are in agreement 1,142 to 119.

Wall Street analysts are giving extremely aggressive growth rates for a grocery stock with sales predicted to increase by 10.40% this year and 9.30% next year. Earnings projections are off the chart with an increase of 56.50% this year, 15.00% next year and a 5 year compounded growth rate of 17.67% forecasted.

Whole foods has a healthy future with:

  • Analysts predicting increased sales and double digit earnings growth
  • High investor interests
  • Recent price momentum with an 88% Barchart technical buy score

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