SA PRO: Top Long And Short Ideas, Thursday March 6

by: SA PRO Editors

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This is your daily report for Thursday, March 6, with today's top long and short ideas available only to SA PRO subscribers.

Exclusive Top Ideas

  1. Ascent Capital Is Unmonitored Even With A 20% Free Cash Flow Yield, by Mike Arnold. A series of corporate changes has made ASCMA unfamiliar to investors, but strong cash flow and steady growth create a potential double. Exclusive until 2:00 PM today.

Top Small and Mid-Cap Research

The PRO research library now contains 6,076 PRO Articles covering 3,553 different stocks, with over 76,000 comments on those articles. The Research library features our Top Ideas as well as our top research on undercovered small and mid-cap stocks. Here are a few recent highlights of our top research:

  1. Contract driller Rowan Companies is deeply undervalued, with new rigs promising growth and a discount to book value providing downside protection, writes Angel Stoychev. Read article »
  2. Pharmaceutical expert Jason Napodano says a positive meeting with the FDA bodes well for Titan Pharmaceuticals. Read article »
  3. Bill Maurer believes the market overreacted to recent disappointing guidance from Deckers Outdoor, and details the stock's path to triple digits. Read article »

Stock Movers and Great Calls
Top long and short ideas regularly move stocks and identify stocks that are about to move. Some notable recent calls subscribers had early access to:

  1. On January 13, Steven Reiman called out Orbit Garant Drilling, noting that the driller was selling at a 20% discount to working capital, despite a strong balance sheet and the ability to weather dire conditions in the mining sector. Shares are +57.7% since. Read article »
  2. Money Investor recommended navigation device maker Garmin in June, arguing that the conventional wisdom projecting the company's demise was contradicted by cash flow, margin, and dividend growth. The stock is now +56% to date. Read article »

To Come Today
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SA PRO Editors

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