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Stocks discussed on Cramer's Stop Trading TV Segment, Wednesday May 26.

Disney (NYSE:DIS), Teva Pharmaceuticals (NYSE:TEVA), Banco Santander (STD), Banco Bilbao (NYSE:BBVA), SanDisk (NASDAQ:SNDK),

Disney's (DIS) stock has been brought down on an insider trading scandal, but Cramer would use the decline as a buying opportunity, especially with low gas prices coming into the summer.

Cramer sees a great opportunity in Teva (TEVA); shares of the generic drug maker declined $1.90 or 3.4% not because of a problem with the company, but due to a selloff by funds who are forced to get rid of Israeli stocks as Morgan Stanley takes Israel off its emerging markets index and puts it on its world index. Cramer praised Teva for its smart acquisition of Ratiopharm and its ability to weather the pressure from Europe. Cramer thinks Teva's share price will rise again over time as funds that track Morgan Stanley's world index buy the stock.

Banco Santander (STD) and Banco Bilbao (BBVA) are both important "tells" on the European economy. Cramer would keep an eye on them.

SanDisk (SDNK) is at its 52-week high, and this is good news for gadgets. Cramer thinks SanDisk will benefit from the Chinese consumer.

Cramer reiterated his advice to invest in accidental high-yielders at least until the European Central Bank lowers interest rates and there is a more tangible solution to the continent's economic crisis; “So when the market rallies, don’t get excited,” Cramer said. “It’s not sustainable … until we get something definitive out of Europe.”


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