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Cramer says Zune is not compatible with Vista? Surely they cannot be that stupid? Hmm, well surely they can be that stupid but THAT STUPID??? Er, anyone want some Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ:MSFT) calls???

Zune does look DOA but you can't say it's been scaring AAPL buyers unless the stock should be at $120 and has been held down to a mere $85 on fear of the competition.

Zune is awesome! According to this totally independent blogger (yeah, right) at

Here's CNN trying to figure out what is good about Zune!

Zune Assembly 16 11 06

While I don't think not selling 5M Zunes for $1B will hurt MSFT's $50B projected sales next year (so I will probably buy more MSFT on a dip), I think the real winner here is -- SanDisk Corp. (NASDAQ:SNDK)!

Yeah, you forgot about them didn't you? It's time! They've got a terrible iPod knock off too, but now Microsoft has done what Sandisk couldn't do -- they made the Sansa look cool!

I don't think the Sansa will be rocketing to the top of Amazon's best seller list but it's currently #7, ahead of Zune (even though it's brand new), which is at #14.

Meanwhile, on the accessories list, SNDK brand memory takes 4 of the top 6 spots. It's too close to Christmas to knock them off that spot and all the way down to #100, it's a Sandisk world.

Expectations are very low and I like SNDK long so I'm going to take the Apr $42.50s for $8.50 and sell the Dec $47.50s for $2.25. I will also buy .50 Dec calls on a pullback to $44 (probably the $50s).

That gives me $1.75 of my $4 premium back in 30 days and let's me play a run-up for free with a cushion that should take me to a retest of $44.

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Source: Zune Is DOA -- Sansa Anyone?